Banking, Finance and Insurance


We have accumulated huge experience in advising local and international providers of banking, finance and insurance services on business development and resolution of related issues. We are competent to consult in the matters of setting up, operating and winding up banks, credit institutions, insurance companies, investment funds. We are experts of counselling clients on strategic and daily issues in these sectors.

Recently, we have spent a lot of time on representing the clients of said institutions in negotiating and acquiring the services and products they need, as well as resolving the disputes related to undue supply of the same.

We can help you in:
-    Preparing and submitting documents for setting up and operation of banks, credit unions, insurance companies; obtaining licenses or permits; acquisition, merger, spin-off or other restructuring of business;
-    Advising on daily operating issues in this sector (preparation of internal documents and their submission to supervisory and control authorities, drafting template agreements with clients and suppliers, etc.);
-    Representing your interests in bankruptcy, liquidation, reorganization and restructuring proceedings in this sector.