Corporate Law and M&A


For many years we have been advising clients in setting up companies, choosing most appropriate legal forms for their operation and most favourable countries for registration. We actively participate in changing the legal forms of our client business, exhausting fully the operational potential provided under laws. We have guided, and contributed to, acquisition, merger and spin-off transactions carried out by investors in the Baltics, varying in size, sectors and geographical dimensions. These areas of legal practice make an integral part of our daily activities. 

We can help you in:
-   Resolving all current issues of setting up and operating companies (set up, management, spin-off, merger; convocation and documentation of CEOs and shareholders meetings, etc.);
-   Drafting documents that govern the activities of investors, shareholders and CEOs (investment agreement, shareholders agreement, voting agreement, etc., amendments to the articles of association defining the remit and control of CEOs);
-   Changing (increase, reduction) the size and composition of corporate capital, attracting new investors, reducing the interest of shareholders in a company’s capital;
-   Acquiring, transferring a company or any part thereof to other persons or merging a company with other companies;
-   Reorganizing, transforming companies or otherwise diversifying the legal risks posed by businesses consolidated in a single company;
-   Liquidating companies without bankruptcy proceedings.