Dispute Resolution


In case of a dispute, we always aim to resolve it in extrajudicial procedure, without referring to the court or arbitration, in order to prevent unnecessary formalities and delay in resolving a dispute. Our priority is dispute resolution through settlement. Failing to resolve a dispute by settlement agreement, we opt for the best resolution process which can ensure the result sought by a client.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with routine (minor and medium) disputes of business clients aimed at indemnification of damages, payment of debts, recognition of rights, termination of contracts, etc. We strive to resolve the issues of crucial importance for the client interests swiftly and effectively, precluding adverse consequences and/or increase of losses by the other party to the dispute.

In our team we have several lawyers who deal with complex (major, unprecedented, demanding overall legal evaluation) disputes of business clients as they have considerable judicial and academic practice. Not infrequently, such disputes demand a broader approach to arising problems, which would not only be appropriate in dealing with a certain specific dispute, but could also serve as a precedent for similar disputes in the future. To this end, in defending our clients we rely not only on the national law. Our aim is to make the best of the practice and traditions of EU judicial authorities and international courts, which are affecting our legal conscience with increasing intensity.
We can help you in:
-    Preparing all the necessary procedural documents to the courts and other public dispute resolution institutions of the Republic of Lithuania (petitions for interim lien on property of the other party until examination of the dispute on its merits; lawsuits, counterclaims, appeals and cassation complaints, petitions to resume proceedings,  etc.);
-    Representing your interests in the courts of all instances;
-    Counselling on enforcement or execution of court judgements;
-    Drafting and implementing settlement agreements on dispute resolution;
-    Representing in arbitral tribunals in Lithuania and abroad;
-    Representing you before Lithuanian, EU and international authorities (e.g. the European Court of Human Rights) for the protection of your infringed rights.