Labour Law and Migration


In the light of ever developing and changing business environment, failure to regulate properly employment relations inside a company can have considerable adverse impact on corporate value. To facilitate client activities, we offer a suite of template documents governing these relations, tailored to individual client needs. In case of specific aspects, we are ready to assess them comprehensively and provide the solutions to employment concerns that are maximally beneficial for business.

We enjoy vast experience in assisting cross-border clients on migration issues in the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union. We are capable of advising clients in all migration-related matters to the benefit of their interests, and drafting all documents necessary for addressing migration issues.

We can help you in:
-   Drafting template employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, collective bargaining agreements, agreements on full material liability;
-   Drafting work regulations, rules for using e-mail, personal data protection rules, office regulations for employees, template forms of orders, etc.;
-   Counselling in matters of employment, safety at work, secondments, granting vacations, copyright agreements with employees, etc.;
-   Representing in disputes with employees and employers;
-   Deciding on the grounds and venue of a client’s (his prospective employee’s) applying for visa, invitation, permit for temporary or permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania or for granting citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania;
-   Preparing and submitting (together with a client or his prospective employee) all the documents required for obtaining the requested document;
-   Representing clients in disputes with authorities in charge of migration affairs.